Hello! There is a growing demand for wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses to be purchased online. Great! But our industry`s problem was to MAKE IT FIT. Our solution: the dress of your choice; made by us, in your own measurements! We ship safely and positively to your door. Place your order today. Need to talk to us? Call us at the number below. Best wishes to you from our team of seamstresses, designers and managers.
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Click on any category above in the yellow band to view photos of dresses in any collection.We have two catalogs filled with  Wedding Gowns and Bridal Gowns. We also have two catalogs of  Bridesmaid Dresses (Diamond and Pearl and Ruby) also showcasing Flower Girl Dresses. There is also one large catalog filled with Prom Dresses. When you are looking at any collections (diamond, pearl, etc.),look for a link starting with "Click here..." to find petticoats, head veils, gloves, tiaras and necklaces offered with that collection. At any time you can click on any picture; it will open a dedicated page for that gown or accessory with its full description and instructions. This is where you can add this item to your shopping cart. Use the buttons Add to Cart, Keep Shopping, or Checkout to navigate and place your order.
At any time, you can go back to the HOME page by clicking on the store logo located at the top left of the page you are on. We are looking forward to creating your gown! Enjoy browsing through our catalogs.
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"The prices are very good. Custom made is great! And it's necessary, as features with women vary a lot from one to another." Michele L. Vancouver BC, Canada

"I love the wedding dresses....like a dream. I love the prices; really cheap. Personal dresses by personal measurements? Wow! Every body is different and it is a dream come true to have a dress in your own size and color!" Aila H. Sweden.

"Hi there Claude!!
Yes I did receive my gown from "cheap wedding dresses" the other day, tried it on last night and its perfect! Looks exactly as it was in the picture, but of course better in real life. I was shocked that it fits perfectly to my size!! The measurements I sent were done EXACT, which was a shock to me! However I'm super glad it was!! Thank you again so much for all your patient help and advice!!"
  - Ashlee. Toronto, Canada.
More success stories in graduation and prom!
"Hi Claude,
 2 years ago you made a beautiful prom dress for my daughter.  My youngest daughter is graduating this year and would like to have a prom dress made.
Could I book an appointment for us to come and visit you?
I remember that you were able to talk Dana through the process and put together a design from several different dresses and she was thrilled with the result.
Corin has some ideas about what she wants but needs someone to help her pull it together.
Let me know what days/time of day is best for you.
Thanks. Anita"

~~ Please call for an apointment with our dress maker.
We like to give our clients a
ll the attention they deserve, To avoid wait, please call us before coming in. Thank you! It will be a pleasure meeting you. 416-694-4956 ~~

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Why shopping online for cheap wedding dresses or cheap prom dresses in our store?

Hello, and congratulations on your upcoming celebration!

We are Dress Makers, and we will make the dress of your choice, in your own measurements, just for you. It takes us usually 30 days or less. You can select any dress from our catalogs of wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and prom dresses, by clicking on any of the above links. 

Or, send email us for a free estimate, to make your dream-dress; modified design, almost-the-same-as, completely different, or totally your own design!

2014 Celebrating five years of dedicated work for Brides and Graduating women! We have extended our clothes manufacturing abilities to include evening wear, office suits - women and men. We accomodate any needs for plus-size or under-size, as we create your new wardrobe in your own contours and sizes - try us! Your call or email is always welcome.

"Cheap" here doesn't mean "low quality". Our factory uses high quality satins and our experienced seamstresses would make a Queen`s tailor totally envious. We are certainly not the biggest outfit, but we work well, fast and efficiently, doing away with a lot of the normal "extra cost".

If you are searching for a rather large catalog, with many styles, trend, colors and patterns to choose from, you found it here.

If you are like most women nowadays who want a dress to fit them, not just "well" but in harmony from head to toes with your own physique, we can accommodate your needs. 

If you consider yourself worth it and want an attire worthy of you...

Then you deserve a very special gown, crafted in your contours just for you.
- You can safely order through our catalogs, from the comfort of your home.
- Our prices are among the cheapest found anywhere, especially among wholesalers and retailers of wedding dresses, prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses; in local and on line stores

 - Most of the orders placed with us are FREE SHIPPING; we pay for shipping charges and, in most countries, we deliver all orders door to door. 

- One of the largest selection in the world. Our free catalogs of wedding gowns, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses and accessories comprise a total of more than 560 items. We keep adding new creations too.

- Every bridal gown, prom dress and bridesmaid dress is custom-made  to our customer's own body measurements, for the best fit. Most gowns come in several beautiful colors to chose from.

- Modern women and active girls are busy. We designed our store for a pleasant, hassle-free experience. To tailor-make a gown, we need some measurements. These can be typed in right here on our web site. No need to pay additional fees (with additional travel and wait periods) for tailoring, No need to print forms, fax them out, etc. A simple and reliable online process.

- Excellent quality in fabrics, materials and craftsmanship. 

   Enjoy browsing through our catalogs.

   Best wishes. The management of http://www.cheapweddingandpromdresses.com;   

Gabriel Wholesale and Retail Enterprises, located at 2007 A Danforth Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4C 1J7.

Important notes and tips:
  • Accessories (such as head veil, gloves, etc.) and petticoats (underskirt frame giving a dress a desired volume and a bell shape) are not included with the purchase of any dress, although they may be shown in pictures.
  • Some bridal gowns, prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses will require the separate purchase of a petticoat, depending on their design and on the desired look. You will find a choice of petticoats of different sizes to fit any type of gown in the catalog itself or in a subcategory to this catalog in store. 
  • Customers have many different tastes when it comes to choosing accessories. Look for tiaras, necklaces, gloves and head veils offered within these catalogs to take advantage of specials and free shipping.
  • The color shown on photos or as shown on the color chart, may vary in tone or brightness, with the actual item.
  • 80% of "special occasion" clothes need tailoring for best fit, when bought from retail wedding dress stores. With made-to-measure garments, only about 20-25% of ordered and delivered gowns will still need some tailoring. With us, you save.

Please try on your gown as soon as you receive it. Then have it professionally pressed to drive out the wrinkles that inevitably occur in transit and to bring out the very best of its grand look!

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Our job is the best in the world! We help make beautiful women... just a little more gorgeous!
Abrielle, Kastle, Jezelle, Ketley, Monique, Neda, Sharmine and Alyssa (unfortunately, not all featured on this photo). You are so lovely! You have our best wishes for eternal happiness and prosperity!

Here is Beverlyn's dress that we made for her. She modified the design (with our help) to suit her taste. The final product was gorgeous!

"It's beautiful! I'm really happy. My fiance says 'Hello and thank you!' ". - Beverlyn from Canada. cheap wedding dress for client in Canada

Other success stories in wedding dresses creation:
"Hi Claude,
Again thanks very much for everything, I really appreciate your help.
 P.S I really like my wedding dress it's just as perfect as I wished."

Kother. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Designed by herself (with a little help from us).

"Hey claude:)
I recieved the wedding dress this morning, its gorgeous:)
Thanks for everything!

- Kiran:) - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada"

"Dear Claude. Thank you for all your hard work in providing me with these beautiful dresses on my wedding day. It turned out so beautiful, thank you!" Abriel T. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

"Hi Claude,
  My wedding dress has arrived and I LOVE IT! It's even better than I expected. I like the colour, the style and it fit perfectly! Thank you so much. I would definitely recomment your web site to my friends. Once again, thank you so much and I love my dress.  Cheers, Rover - Toronto, Ontario, Canada "

Give us a call today! The consultation is free, and we're happy to listen.

Bonjour! Nous parlons Français. Appelez-nous au 1-888-694-4956 du Québec,
ou composez le 00-1-416-694-4956 de la France, Belgique, Luxembourg, Maroc, Algérie, ou tout autre pays francophone. Au plaisir! Claude.
New! Read about us at:
About us.org

Graduation Dresses!

Hi! We are Dress Makers, so we will make the dress of your choice, in your color and tailor-made to your own contours. Problem finding plus size prom dresses? Don't want to pay extra for endless fittings? Tailor-made is the solution for you.

Want to see them? Click right here: Graduation Dresses Catalog!

Okay, maybe you have something else in mind? A graduation is unique, and so are you. Why not wear something as unique and splendid as you are?

Want to know a secret?

Girls sometimes come up with their own "design", with their own vision of styles, modified neckline, colors, etc. After shopping until they drop, they still cannot find "quite" what they are looking for.

Well, that's until they give us a call! We do custom-designs on request. Send us your design or photos of the graduation dresses you dream of: email us. Tell us how you want it made.  We love to talk; just pick up the phone and call us. A real person will be glad to talk to you seven days a week, from breakfast time until bed time (Eastern Time).

We'll discuss your options. We should be able to take up the challenge and make that very special and unique graduation dress for you ;)

Here's another secret: that "custom-design" service is free with us. Girls only pay for the actual graduation dresses they order.

What's new this season? We offer special discounts to girls ordering their graduation dresses together (different dresses or the same design).

Evening dresses, cocktail dress, big and tall, special occasion, custom-made to your design and measurements! Yes we do! Just give us a call today.

Give it a try!

"Good evening Claude!
Here are the first of many pictures... We are soooo happy with the dress! The quality and fabric are amazing. Thank you so much. Lisa" - Maia's mother (prom dress received May 12, 2016).

"Hi! Well, Prom came and went and Melissa looked beautiful in her dress. She got so much compliments, unbelievable. Thanks for all your help. - Bernadette"



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We have several collections of beautiful garments in store. 

All of them are already discounted from their retail prices.

However,  we can now offer an additional discount per gown, when you also purchase one or more additional wedding dress, bridesmaid dress or flower girl dress with your order, to be delivered to a single address. 

When you purchase two (or more) gowns in any of these collection, and the total amount of your combined purchases amounts to $350 or more, every dress is discounted by an additional $20 per dress! It is automatically discounted. You will see it on your shopping cart, when you check out.

We thought you might like this idea! Tell the Bride, or if you are the Bride, invite your Bridesmaid to shop here too so that both of you can save.

Enjoy shopping with us.